Changing Grub Boot Loader Background and Menu Timeout

Grub: Grub is a type of boot loader used to boot into main OS.

Updating Grub Background

Step 1: Follow /boot/grub/themes/kali/ directory

Step 2: Open “theme.txt” with text editor. (with sudo permissions)

Line 4 specify Desktop Background

Step 3: Replace desktop-image: “background.png with your image name, and save file. (make sure to copy image in same /boot/grub/theme/kali/ before modifying “theme.txt” file)

Change Image Name

Step 4: Run “update-grub” command with sudo permission.

Updating Grub Boot Menu time

Step 1: Traverse into /usr/share/grub/default

Step 2: Search for grub and open it with text editor. (with sudo permissions)

Line 7 is our interest

Step 3: Change “GRUB_TIMEOUT=5”. Numeric value represent how much seconds grub menu will display before loading default selection.

Change Time 5 second to 1 second